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The folks at White Dog Media cut their teeth on writing Radio and Print advertising. Studied the psychology of the AD and while technology has changed effective writing has not. If you are in the market for a new website find someone who can design a pretty one but don’t forget to also find someone to write your copy and develop your back-end (SEO) or you’ll be missing out on revenue.


At White Dog Media all of our marketing starts with a foundation of copywriting and grows from there. It doesn’t matter if you want a PPC campaign, new website, book promoted or sports league grown what you say and how you say it, we believe, is the essential element.


White Dog Media grew out of the Radio and Print industry through advertising sales and a media rep firm. It’s transformation into an online focused marketing entity has not meant the demise of our passion for traditional advertising and media. On the contrary, our background in Radio and Magazine advertising, allows us to better advise connect with local businesses.

Sports Marketing

White Dog Media’s Ginga Sports Marketing is focused solely on building a team or leagues brand. Fans are consumers however fans behave differently than retail product users. Understanding the fan and their connection with a team is integral to developing a strong, growing, passionate following. Rarely do products invoke a passion, a personal association, a tradition, like a sports team. This creates a unique relationship and therefore unusual obstacles and opportunities for marketing.

The world continues to change, that’s a good thing, a static, unchanging world would be boring. As technology reshapes how we communicate, are entertained, work it reveals new and exciting ways to earn a living and live our lives. At White Dog Media we have progressed down the marketing and advertising paths in traditional media; Radio, TV, Newspapers, Outdoor, Event to Online, PPC, Social and look forward to the burgeoning realm of Brand Fan ads.

Through the years we have worked with businesses in industries from Logging to Publishing. Every industry has its innate challenges but the foundation of every marketing plan remains logical planning, superior copy writing and continued analysis.
Today WDM works with a select group of businesses and authors who are either startups or desiring to grow in a new area. In addition, we have begun working in the area of Sports Marketing specializing in select growing sports and helping new leagues & teams through branding and demographic research.

If you are interested in speaking with us about your book, business startup or sports league or team click here to find out more about who we are currently accepting as clients.

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